Alex Rozenberg — Senior Manager, UX Design at Zscaler

Zscaler Mobile Executive Insights (2020)

GOAL: Showing all the value that Zscaler’s cloud product suite brings to a company in a form of a custom-tailored innovative Mobile Application (with full iOS, Android and iPadOS support) for the Executive Persona.

RoleUX Manager + Designer

Most Commonly Used App Sections: Summary Feed, Security & Traffic

Introduction Video with a Feature Tour of the App

Dynamic Personalized Summary Feed

Your Company’s Risk Score

Top Streaming Applications in Your Organization

Supported Cloud App Categories

Example of Individual Cloud App Traffic Statistics

New Section with Product Updates

Overall Traffic Trends for Your Company

Public Zscaler Data Center Status Information

iPadOS-optimized Responsive Layout for Traffic Overview Trends

Focusing on App’s Design Details (3D Visualization)