Alex Rozenberg — Senior Manager, UX Design at Zscaler

Zscaler Private Access (2017)

GOAL: Help create a Completely new Next-Gen Secure VPN Product.

The Product was Designed from scratch by the UX Team. Every Single Decision in it went through multiple UX Reviews and Usability Testing Sessions.

RoleManager + Designer

Diagnostics help Troubleshoot Administrator Logs

Customer feedback after the Product was released has Exceeded All our Expectations thanks to our continuous focus on User Experience.

Initial Health Dashboard Drilldown Sketches.

Health Dashboard Gives you an Overview of your Network’s Condition.

Cloud Device Hierarchy Visualization

First Visual Hierarchy Sketches

Applications Dashboard with an opened Notification Center

Notification Center Sketches

Users Dashboard Hi-Res Mockup

Policy Configuration Form

Group Policies Data Grid View

App Configuration Wizard