Alex Rozenberg — Senior Manager, UX Design at Zscaler

Zscaler Security Platform (2018)

GOAL: Completely Redesign a B2B Cloud Security Platform by Understanding how Real Customers use the Product and Focusing on the Core User Experience.

Create a Coherent and Modern Style Guide to establish consistency across all Zscaler products.

RoleManager + Designer

The Short Release Videos below are a Direct Result of Months of Collaboration and Hard Work across Multiple Teams inside Zscaler, including the Product, Engineering and UX.

We were Redesigning the Legacy UI and tried staying Laser Focused on the Customer. The outcome was a Modern Web App that has been recognized as one of the Best in the Security Industry.

Our Latest Release with a Completely Redesigned Information Architecture in Navigation

Our Previous Release with Data Analytics targeted at the Executive Persona

Initial Sketches of the new Redesigned Dashboard

Final Security Dashboard Design (2017)

Mobile Analytics Sketches

Consolidated Security Dashboard Design

Executive Peer Comparison Report

Forms have been also Redesigned from the ground up, every single control has been Analyzed and Improved.

Additional Example of Forms.

First Sketch of an Advanced User Report Card Report.

Final User Report Hi-Res Mockup

Even Print Previews have been drastically improved to Create a Consistent UI across the Product Suite.

End User Notifications for Customers whose companies use Zscaler.

An additional example of an End User Notification.

Every page was also tested with Responsiveness and Mobile Platforms in mind